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Natural Emerald (पन्ना) Square 100% Certified Stone with Lab Report (4.25 Ratti/3.69 Carats)

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The Emerald is also known as PANNA RATNA. Emerald has been considered a valuable gemstone seeing that ancient times and worn by way of royalty. It’s far bRead more

The Emerald is also known as PANNA RATNA. Emerald has been considered a valuable gemstone seeing that ancient times and worn by way of royalty. It’s far beautiful, and green in colour is used in jewellery and zodiac signs and solves its troubles. Wearing Emerald develops into a curious, rational, clever, diplomatic, intellectual, and knowledgeable individual, enhancing creativity and improving concentration power. This stone is top notch for commercial enterprise humans, task holders, politicians, and health and wealth. it benefits businesses by significantly reducing the likelihood of losses in the beginning and eventually eliminating them.  It facilitates the free exchange of love amongst family members and promotes harmony and peace in marital life by reducing barrier to communication, understanding, and happiness.

If an Emerald is holed or cracked, then it’s used in jewellery as it does now not have an effect on the zodiac sign (Rashi). Emerald, considered one of the most powerful gemstones, is thought to increase a couple’s loyalty. It protects the wearer from enemies devising harmful methods against them.

Emerald is a totally tender stone & is one of the most valuable stones. Its price is decided in line with coloration, appearance, brightness, weight, transparency. Unique Emerald helps to promotes know-how of the coronary heart and brain resulting in non-violent happy existence. Emerald is also called the gem of Lord Ganesha. Emerald gemstone basically improves & strengthens the superb effects of Buddha or mercury planet within the horoscope. Chant Om Braam Breem Braum Sah: Budhay Namah, at the time of wearing Emerald (panna).


Benefits of Natural Emerald: -


  • It builds an extraordinary skills of speaking in an individual person.
  • Balanced Energy.
  • love amongst family members.
  • Beneficial for the person who is suffering from various skin diseases.
  • Improved Physical Health.
  • Enhance the self-confidence.
  • increase a couple’s loyalty.
  • Beneficial for artists and others who work in the area of art.
  • promotes harmony and peace in marital life.
  • Helpful for business firm and traders.
  • Brings happiness in life.
  • Boosted Mental Clarity.
  • Creates a good and happy environment around the person who wears this stone.
  • Enhanced Communication Skills.
  • Useful for students who Preparing Competitive Exams.
  • Increased Prosperity.
  • Balanced Energy & Incredible healing abilities.
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Unheated & untreated                             


Light Transparency                                         






3.69 Carats (Apx.)


Yes with Lab Report



Origin (Source):-              


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